Monday, November 9, 2015

Sights and Sounds of traveling

It started on the Logan expresss bus when the woman behind me was literally sucking face with a lollipop. I turned around expecting to see some heavy petting.

The loud sounds of the Boston bus drivers reporting on traffic.

Hebrew in the security line- my brain started working to understand what I was hearing and to formulate my own thoughts in Hebrew.

The moment I realized I forgot my lounge club card. But Mike sent me a photo and they let me in.

Sounds of newspapers rattling, liquor pouring, hushed whispers of travelers, and the desperation of the two men next to me seeking a new marketing plan for some property they're trying to sell.

French now because I was in the Air France lounge.

The long line to board the plane with no clear beginning or end. The older woman next to me with a Hebrew accent but some European accent behind it. She's been living in Bethesda and explained that "beit hisda" in Hebrew is an ancient place in the old city of Jerusalem.

My Russian seatmate reading a Russian paperback.

The Hebrew rock playing in my earphones as I sleep most of the night.

Babies crying
Wheels coming down
I see land

Israel, my motherland, I am in you!!

Shalom Saalam Peace