Friday, August 28, 2015

I'm having trouble breathing.....

When tracking the package, which was supposed to come by noon today, Talia scrolled down and saw this message:

We've incorrectly sorted the package at our facility. This may cause one business day delay. 

It's Friday. One business day is Monday. Her flight is Sunday. 

I called to confirm that the package was lost. It is. I asked for a supervisor and explained that we needed the package and are willing to drive anywhere to pick it up ourselves. She said we can't, it's in a container in NH but she will check if we can be "upgraded" to get Saturday delivery. I kept calm and she got back on the line and basically congratulated me for the upgraded status. You lost my package!!

I signed up for alerts and got this just now (at 5:00 pm):

We will keep our fingers crossed that it will arrive by noon and then maybe I will breathe again.

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