Saturday, April 30, 2011

All good things come to an end....

And finally it was the last day- we all slept in after the late night before. The kids were really enjoying hanging out with Lina & Kaya and didn't feel the need to go and do anything.
We met up with my friend Mik Gordon (Noemi's son from Kibbutz Bet Haemek) and his wife Moran & beautiful baby girl Ma'ayan for lunch at Cafe Bialik which is owned by a fellow kibbutznik Merav. We had a nice visit with them and then ventured out for some shopping.

Mik & Ma'ayan

We went to Nachalat Binyamin which is a juried crafts show- it was huge and every vendor had something totally unique!
I made my favorite purchase of the trip and we also scored a few gifts
 Mike was impressed with this photo
 checking out the booths
 Caught the royal wedding in a kiosk!

Very cool bracelet- I'm in love

In the afternoon we headed back to the Warshawskys' apartment and then the grownups headed out for some drinks and snacks in an outside cafe.
Headed out to the airport at 8 pm for a midnight flight. We are now resting comfortably in the airport lounge in Philadelphia waiting for our connecting flight. I didn't want to leave but I admit I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed!
 waiting in line at Ben Gurion airport
Waiting for bags in Philly

Favorite moments of the trip:

Mike loved Ceasaria (excluding my trip down the stairs). The North felt like our vacation because we had the cutest little cottage. He loved touring the vineyard.
Talia liked floating in the Dead Sea
Elizabeth liked getting to the bottom of Masada and getting lots of water & floating in the dead sea
I loved it all- hearing my kids practice their hebrew- seeing all of my friends and family, navigating every city with a Hebrew atlas, finding my way around places I've never been or been 20 times and seeing it through fresh eyes. 

What we'll miss most:

Talia: the weather
Elizabeth: being away
Mike: seeing the Mediterranean
Jody: being greeted with a sing-song "Shalom" wherever I go

Thanks for coming on this magical journey with us!

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  1. This was an incredible trip! Thank you for sharing this blog. I really enjoyed following everywhere you went. Welcome home!