Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kibbutz and the lowest place on earth

Today we went to a kibbutz next to the dead sea. It's Elizabeth writing today. It was really hot at the kibbutz; 34 celsius which is 94 F!!!!! there was a really pretty garden that I'm posting pictures of.

At the kibbutz in we saw 2 ibex [ which are kind of like goats with horns.] We were really hot and found some popsicles that I was really surprised to see were kosher for passover.

We are going to the dead sea soon and I am really excited. Keep you posted :-] <33333333

We're back!
There was a giant McDonalds right next to the dead sea which I think is kind of weird!

We are in Arad which is really close to the mountains and is in the desert. It hasn't rained here more then 1 time this year. Arad is 600 meters (1968.503 ft) above sea level and the Dead Sea is 423 metres (1388 ft) below!!


  1. great photos. The last picture of all of you floating is the best!!!! Keep the blogs coming. we are traveling along with you.
    xx Gramma and Grampa

  2. Thanks for the pics, Lizzy Lou! Sounds so fun!