Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hiking in Bat Ayin- photos

We had a lovely hike in Bat Ayin today which is outside of Jerusalem. We met up with a few of the Esses' friends. The weather was sunny and cool and then freezing when the sun went in. 
 All the kids piled into Eric's van
 4 families- 12 children (and 3 kids didn't come!)
many languages & countries represented- french (from France & Tunisia), dutch, Afrikans (S. Africa) hebrew, & english
 Binyamin & Rachel

 The view

 Michael Citron (now a Rabbi)- knew him back in the day

 olive trees

 coming out of a cave

 in the cave

 a fresh stream ends here
 check out the dude with the sidecurls! (they aren't with us)
 trying to start a campfire
 all the kids gathered around the bbq
 waiting for food

 cador sol (soccer)

a new game- fun for all ages!

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  1. Hello Schnur's,
    We are very happy to see you having such a wonderful time and to see all the amazing sights.
    Hope you tried the Matza Mac Royal at McDonalds (if they are still doing it)!
    Cadur Sal=Basketball
    Cadur Regel= Soccer(sorry I had to).