Saturday, April 16, 2011

German colony and the wailing wall

Talia is supposed to blog, but she's getting ready for bed. We had an uneventful flight, picked up our rental car and got to the hotel in the German Colony of Jerusalem by 5 pm. A quick change, a quick bite (lunch at 6 pm) and an adventurous walk to and from the Kotel in the dark.

First impressions:
Mike noticed lots of people speak English to each other.
Talia has been brave and used hebrew to ask where is the bathroom and can I have my key please.
Lots of Todas (thanks) being thrown around by all.
There was a mezuzah on the door of  budget rental car!!
Justin Bieber posters everywhere, I asked a guy in the kiosk if I could have them but there is some sticker promotion going on so he still needs them.
Elizabeth took her task of putting notes from classmates in the Western Wall very seriously.
I love all the people watching.

We had a fabulous dinner (at 11 pm- 4 to our bodies) or humus, falafel, pita, eggplant salad and the best Israeli french fries (known as chips) somthing about the oil.

We are taking tons of photos and will upload them when we have wi-fi.

Tomorrow we are headed to friends in Tel Aviv, it's supposed to be hot, so we are hoping to hit the beach!

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