Friday, April 22, 2011

Machane Yehuda- Jewish market

1:00 Friday afternoon- imagine everyone in Jerusalem is shopping for Shabbat. Black hats, secular, religious, old, families with children. Vendors yelling, people pushing, feet getting run over by carts & baby strollers and it's raining so everyone has come to the indoor street. Every booth is full of beautiful nuts, fruits, candy, vegetables, spices....

 Mala-fifonim- cucumbers

Then we stopped for lunch- we are keeping Passover like the natives of the land, so when in Israel you can eat kitniyot (legumes, corn, rice) which includes humus!

Order shwarma and it comes with chips (french fries), pick your salads!
(elizabeth is eating a gummy worm)

We got a little lost while driving and ended up in Mea Shearim. Notice the "streimels" fur hats- worn by the chassidim. When it started to rain they cover them with plastic shower cap type things.

We stumbled upon a garden donated by the Krafts.
Mike waits with a friend at the traffic light.

Artist colony store that sells handmade tallitot (prayer shawls)
Talia found one that we love!!!

Happy girls

Jerusalem shuts down around 3 pm as all the shops close for Shabbat. We headed out to Givat Zev (a suburb of Jerusalem) to visit Tammy, Eitan, Hadas, Shaked & Sivan.
and their dog Empiriya

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  1. Hey! I can smell the market from your pictures!
    Shtreimel is not for Chasidim... I am glad they don't get to read your blog, you would have been in trouble calling them names!